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At Infinite Wealth, we provide the education, direction and on-going support for every day hardworking Australians to reach their financial goals and become financially free – for life!


Our Managing Director, Tim Guest, is one of Australia’s leading financial educators and motivational speakers. Thousands attend the Infinite Wealth workshops every year and have gone on to apply our unique methodology to live the life they really want. Using Tim’s proven wealth creation strategies, the team at Infinite Wealth will develop a strategic plan tailor made for you to become financially free.


Born and bred in Perth, Tim grew up in the south eastern suburb of Gosnells. After learning the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth, Tim applied that knowledge to invest in property and retired as a multi-millionaire at the age of 27. Wanting to help others reach their financial goals, Tim came out of retirement, established Infinite Wealth and has presented to over 10,000 people around Australia since.


By providing practical financial education and the knowledge of “What The Rich Know And Most Of Us Don’t,” Infinite Wealth allows you to see that creating wealth is not only possible for you in your current situation, but simple. You can create the future that you have always wanted by taking deliberate actions, which are guaranteed over time, to better your financial planning and standing, allowing you to live the life you want for yourself and your family.


We do this by first educating you in the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth. These distinctions have been the same for centuries and will allow you to see opportunities and inefficiencies in your current situation that were previously unseen, allowing you to take action.


What makes Infinite Wealth unique is its ability to tailor make a strategy to suit your individual needs, using only the resources you currently have available to you. We do this by looking at a full breakdown of your situation, which is then assessed and analysed by our team of licensed and accredited professionals, providing you with a blue print to achieve your financial goals.