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Wembley Primary School is committed to educational excellence and success for all students. The school prides itself on setting high standards and achieves them through working as a Professional Learning Community where the focus is on quality learning and teaching and improving student performance.

The academic, social, physical and emotional development of each student is seen as central to developing well rounded young citizens. The school environment is caring, inclusive and enhanced by positive relationships with parents.

The school is well supported by its local community with effective governance by the School Board and substantial financial and volunteering assistance through the Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C).


We have become involved with the Big Splash WA because we believe, just like with learning difficulties, early intervention is vital if we are to make a difference. We like the idea that it is something that will involve the whole school community.

We are also looking forward to being involved in the art work and participating in the public art trail through the city in early 2018