Schools » Swan View Senior High School

Swan View Senior High School is a school that is going from strength to strength. Opening in 1977 the school has a long and proud history with traditions that continue to be upheld today.

The school has an ethos that builds a strong learning relationship between staff and students, without a doubt our schools greatest strength is the care we have for each other. Individual student strengths and interests are fostered through the array of specialist programs that the school has on offer.

As an Independent Public School we have the opportunity to make decisions ‘for our school at our school.’ Our School Board consists of school, parent and community representatives all with the common goal of ensuring continued success and positioning Swan View Senior High School as the school of choice in our local area.

Swan View Senior High has high expectations of all of our students to achieve their potential and fosters this through individual pathway planning, goal setting and support.

We are proud of the achievements and accolades our school and students continue to achieve. Many of our students are recipients of business partner scholarships, represent the school at state and national level sports, and are actively involved in community groups.