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Safety Bay Primary School opened in 1942 with 14 students. An increase in student enrolments finally led to the construction of a permanent school building, officially opened on November 14 1952, on the present site.
In June 2007 the Government announced the building of a new Safety Bay Primary School.

The new school has purpose built specialist facilities that provide opportunities for students to achieve a range of outcomes from the Arts Learning Area. The substantial facilities provide opportunities to learn a range of sporting skills under the guidance of a Physical Education Specialist Teacher.

Safety Bay Primary school runs specialised Visual Arts and Music programs and also has state of the art Information Technology facilities. All students have access to computers in their classrooms and in their learning blocks.Our Learning Support Class (LSC) runs an inclusive program that caters for students with a diverse range of learning needs

In 2010 the majority of our students come from the local intake area. A growing number of students come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Families who have relocated from the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, New Zealand and Tonga have recently enrolled at our school. We also welcome a number of students who relocate with their parents who are part of the Defence forces based at Garden Island.