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Rockingham Beach Primary School strives for excellence and has developed a reputation in the community of being a warm, caring and friendly school where every child is treated as a highly valued individual. The entire school community is consistently encouraged to be all that they can be – academically, socially and personally. We have a holistic approach to education. Pastoral care, a strong school community and engagement in a wide range of activities are all important aspects of a child’s school experience. It is a school of choice for many parents and their children.

We share our campus with the Education Support Centre which fosters integration and the opportunity to promote inclusiveness, tolerance and empathy. As an Independent Public School, our staff readily adapt to change and are committed to improving the outcomes of all children. As an accredited KidsMatter school, we have a strong focus on developing positive mental health and early intervention for students at risk. We deliver a rigorous social and emotional learning program to build students’ resilience and empathy.

The independent Department of Education Services review acknowledged the significant and sustained effort of all staff in creating a learning environment focused on high standards of student achievement. Our approach to holistic learning and encouraging all students to aspire to achieve and excel in all areas remains our primary goal.