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At Presbyterian Ladies’ College we want students not just to succeed academically but to also thrive. Student wellbeing is promoted through our PK – 12 wellbeing curriculums and pedagogy, the PLC Lighthouse Wellbeing Centre and through participating in initiatives that raise awareness, advocacy and action for the importance of good mental health.

As such, when the opportunity arose to raise funds to initiate innovative programs at Princess Margaret Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital for children and adolescents with severe mental health disorders who are at significant risk, we embraced it. To raise the funds to purchase the dolphin we had a Pyjama Day at school as well as a “Guess the number of balloons in the Head of Junior School’s car” competition.

We love the idea of being part of the larger community by decorating a dolphin which will be part of a huge pod of wildly colourful dolphin sculptures that will swim into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to raise awareness. All the Junior School students will have the opportunity to decorate the PLC dolphin during Art and show their support for raising awareness of mental health issues.