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Broome North Primary School is proud of our strong links to the heritage of our local indigenous people, Yawuru and this is strongly represented in the artwork and sculptures prominently on display throughout the school and the logo design which features the Mangrove tree which is very important to this community.


Our carefully selected, highly capable and experienced staff work to achieve the very best a modern education can offer students in this progressive age while reflecting the values and aspirations of the community. Our School motto is Learning, Thriving, Leading and this has guided us in developing a whole school and community built upon a culture of high expectations of all- from the Principal down to the community members. This culture is embedded within a strong values platform and a holistic Pastoral Care framework based upon “The 6 Kinds of Best” program.


Staff, across the whole team at Broome North Primary School, have a commitment to high standards and expectations, positive relationships and the motivation to pursue excellence and work collaboratively in a vibrant, creative team environment. Our work is to build positive partnerships with our parents and the community while providing a caring, supportive and mutually respectful learning environment. Our school environment supports each student every day to achieve excellence  and fulfil their potential.


As an Independent Public School we are empowered to make local decisions best suited to the interests of our students. Achieving excellence in customer service and community inclusiveness is a feature of Broome North Primary School. Through the diversity of our programs, the enthusiasm of our staff and the support of our wider school community, government and private sectors we continue to strive to fulfil the goals outlined within our Strategic and Business Plans in order to deliver quality learning outcomes. Our endeavour is to make a difference in a dynamic global environment, encouraging excellence and wellbeing at all phases of a child’s primary school education.