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The township of Allanson is located 195 kilometres south of Perth and 7 kilometres west of Collie on the Coalfields Road and the shoreline of the Collie River.

The Allanson School was established in 1913 to cater for children from families involved in the first coal mining and timber felling operations in this region. Dorothy Gibson was the school's founding principal and she opened the rolls with 27 students. Today, Allanson is a Level 4 primary school with 94 students.

Allanson is a very much community based school. The partnership it shares with its parents and broader community has created an environment where everyone works together to provide the best academic and non-academic opportunities for its students.

The happiness, health and well-being and the provision of opportunities for the best education of every student is central to all decisions and is a driving force in the school’s success.

The quality standard of behaviour in the classrooms and in the playground at Allanson is exceptional. The school’s reputation is widely known and is an underlying reason families choose to send their children to this school. Frequent feedback from secondary schools acknowledges how Allanson students are easily recognised for their enhanced social and studious disposition.

The current school cultural change is supporting an adaptive and contemporary learning environment. Staff are embracing the challenge to understand and apply learning initiatives that are ensuring teaching and learning is tailored to the individual needs of all students. A differentiated approach to mathematics learning, visible learning beliefs and the increased use of digital technology are examples of this change. Planning to introduce Positive Behaviour Support is an example of the school-wide proactive approach that has become common practice  to enhance the quality of the learning environment.

The school has excelled in physical education. In the context of each students health and well-being, specialised opportunities for students in physical education endeavours has created an experiential curriculum that is relevant, challenging, enjoyable, and physically active. The school boasts its own cross country circuit and makes effective use of its fitness circuit. Frequent successes at inter-school competitions are measures of the school’s efficacy in physical education.

Being located near a bushland setting provides the school with a unique natural environment. The appropriate sized playground with its soft cushioned lawns and manicured gardens blends in harmoniously, providing a wonderful outdoor space for the students to grow and develop.

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