Calling All Schools in WA!


The Big Splash WA Schools Program is calling on all schools in Western Australia to highlight the importance of child and adolescent mental health.


45 schools welcomed The Big Splash WA dolphin sculptures which they have decorated and kept in their schools as symbols of their ongoing commitment to mental health awareness and well-being.  They are also engaging their school communities in essential conversations about child and adolescent mental health awareness through The Big Splash WA Resource Kits.


In the past five years alone, the increase in critical cases presenting at our State’s Children Hospital’s Emergency Department has risen by 400%. An estimated 50% of children and adolescents are not accessing mental health resources until a serious crisis unfolds. This alarming increase has brought children’s mental health to the forefront of medical issues needing urgent attention. The ripple effects of a mental health crisis are enormous and we all know that the impact on families, school friends and the community can be devastating.


Early intervention and education have proven to be very effective. The clinicians at Western Australia’s children’s hospital are now calling on the whole community to empower our children with the knowledge that: they are not alone; it’s ok to talk about their feelings and concerns; and real help is available. Healthy self-awareness from a young age equips children to recognise issues and seek help, sooner rather than later.


Click below to take a look at the launch of The Big Splash WA Schools Program. Teachers and Principals from the Perth metro area, as well as regional schools through teleconference, gathered at PMH to hear about The Big Splash Schools Program and how to implement the specially designed Resource Kits within their school community.



Resource Kits – NOW AVAILABLE 


The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is offering all schools the opportunity to engage in The Big Splash WA through downloadable Resource Kits.


The Big Splash WA Education Resource kits are written in age-appropriate language for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. These kits have been developed by leading experts at the PMH Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit and are endorsed by Principals’ Associations; PAI; WAESPAA; WASSEA; WAPPA and Catholic Education. The student activities are designed to be engaging and fun avenues for children of all ages to explore mental health awareness and well-being. The kits also come with comprehensive notes to give teachers, parents and carers a steady compass to navigate the subject of children’s mental health.


The kits also list the relevant services and networks available to children and their parents throughout Western Australia.


The kits come in three downloadable options:
Complete Pack: Pre-Kindy to Year 12 – $550 (inclusive of GST)

Junior Pack: Pre-Kindy to Year 6 – $330 (inclusive of GST)

Senior Pack: Year 7 to Year 12 –  $330 (inclusive of GST)
You can purchase your Schools Resource Kits here
Schools that have purchased a school dolphin sculpture will be able to access all the educational resource kits as part of their package.



If you would like more information about school participation please contact

To view a more in-depth description of the Resource Kits, watch the official Big Splash WA Schools Launch video below. The video discusses key elements of the kits and how to implement them within your school community:


Schools Challenges

Mental Health needs a united voice. Here is your chance to show the world you understand that mental health is real and that YOU can be the change! Get your school community together and participate in one of our three Big Splash WA Challenges:

  1. The Dolphin Dance
  2. The Dolphin Pod
  3. The Big Splash WA Shout Out


Click here to find out more.





Participating Schools


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If you are one of our participating schools, please login below to download your resource kits:




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