Dolphin Sales

Show your support for kids’ mental health!


A number of the unique Big Splash WA dolphin sculptures are available to purchase in support of kids’ mental health.


When you purchase a dolphin you are not only buying a stunning artwork that is going to look incredible in your garden or the foyer of your building, you are potentially saving a child’s life.  Last year alone, 54 children in Western Australia took their own lives.  This is a heart-breaking statistic and one that you have the ability to help change.


Funds raised through the sale of our final few dolphins will be used to support three key initiatives:


  1. Delivering The Big Splash WA Schools Program which is all about early intervention and prevention. The program takes a holistic approach to helping kids develop skills to cope with the inevitable curve balls life will throw their way.  Working with kids and their peers, providing parents with information to enable them to reinforce good mental health habits at home, and directing kids and parents to a host of additional resources and services that can help them through difficult times.


  1. Addressing deliberate self-harm and suicidal behaviours amongst kids caused by misuse of social media. The recent tragedy of Dolly Everett’s suicide is a harrowing reminder of the impact online bullying can have on kids.  Social media is not going away so we need to find ways to deal with its darker side.


  1. Developing physical activity programs for kids at risk of self-harm and suicide. There is a great deal of evidence around the benefits of physical activity and the positive impact it has on kids’ recovery trajectories.  Funds raised will help to up-scale projects already underway that are achieving great results so even more kids can be helped.



The dolphins:

Each sculpture weighs approximately 35kg and are 1270mm high, 2300mm long and 960mm wide from fin to fin. The dolphins have anchor points on the base so they can be attached to a plinth or base. After being painted, the dolphins have been coated with either a protective varnish and/or an anti-graffiti coating.


Cognitive Camoflage

Tanisha Burtnyk

 This dolphin explores the notion of wanting to simultaneously highlight and conceal personal mental health challenges. The mapping of real, imagined and distorted spaces makes reference to the global extent of this phenomena and the importance of connection.


Tanisha is a Perth based artist with a practice founded on her personal experience of diaspora. She has worked as a tutor within Open Universities at the School of Design and Art, Curtin University, and currently teaches in secondary schools across Perth.






Country by the Sea

James Giddy

This design brings the rural environment and ocean together.  It encourages the audience to look beyond a single point of focus, highlighting details of the dolphin in black, whilst holding an impressionistic-wheat belt landscape within.



James has evolved his practice by painting murals throughout rural WA as well as South Africa and Indonesia. Inspired by the natural environment and the French motif of en plein air painting, his work includes themes around the environment and the unknown.





Find Your Heart of Gold

Rebecca Chin


Inspired by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation logo and its vibrant colours, this design uses bright colours to make people smile.  An illustrated version of the Foundation’s much loved mascot, Stitches the Bear, is hiding somewhere amongst the many other bears. Can you find him? The little bear with a heart of gold who is fearless and ready to achieve many dreams.



Rebecca is an illustrator who loves making people smile with her work. She has started her own business, Kukomise, turning her illustrations into handmade products.





Go Bananas!

Anna Pesti and Devan Job

Bananas are a recurring figure in comedy so the artists decided to bring some humour to an important topic by creating a dolphin shaped banana!  It is a reminder to laugh at the outrageous and let your imagination run free.



Anna and Devan are emerging contemporary artists specialising in jewellery and metalwork. They were excited by the challenge of creating public art and conserving how art interacts with it’s environment.








Jessica Bell

Inspired by how being in nature can positively affect mental wellbeing, the artist wanted to create a light-hearted, ocean inspired design.  She sees dolphins as joyful creatures so decided to merge the sculpture with the ocean’s ‘funniest fish’, the clown fish, in the hope of making people smile and feel happy.



Jessica is a Perth-based artist, photographer and performer. She is best known for her mermaid alter-ego Mermaid Jessica Pearl, and regularly performs underwater at AQWA. She enjoys bringing wonder, love and understanding for the ocean through her art and performance.





Rise Above the Waves

Susan Joy Lu

A symbol of hope and beauty, the hummingbird can flap its wings up to 70 times per second. While it may look like the hummingbird is not moving, it is actually working harder than any other bird.  When trouble arises, the hummingbird is swift and agile, rising above obstacles just as a dolphin rises above the waves.



Susan is an artist and illustrator from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who primarily creates illustrations for children’s books. Since moving to WA, she spends her days doodling, exploring, making, working for museums, writing, avoiding sunburn, and drinking tea.





Sailor Jerry

Megan Baker

This design is inspired by pink dolphins which live in the Amazon river. They are the largest fresh water dolphin and the most intelligent of their species with brain capabilities 40% higher than humans.  The design also features a unique collection of traditional sailor jerry style tattoos.



Megan is a fine art student at Curtin University. She enjoys working with diverse mediums and large scale works. She was a finalist in the 25 Under 25 Art Awards at Fremantle Art Centre 2016 and recently won the overall experimental award at Midland Hypervision Competition.






Sea Soul

Goya Torres

This design is inspired by Mexican celebrations full of colour and spiritual connections, while reflecting Australia’s multiculturalism. The ocean beings at the base, along with the shark fin, symbolise our connection with, and the importance of, the ocean. 



Goya Torres is a street-artist born in Mexico who creates artwork with vivid characters in a figurative-surrealistic style with a profound narrative. Her practice explores the line between fine arts, street-art and illustration. Goya draws inspiration from her Mexican heritage, nature, street art and pop surrealism.





Summer Star

Glenda Dixon

 The bright colours used in this design represent happiness.  The glitter and stars represent the idea that everyone should have some sparkle in their life, especially children and young people; it’s important in life to do the things that make you shine on the inside and out.


Glenda’s creative approach in her studio is fuelled by colour, curiosity and originality. She loves to explore different techniques working with textiles, printing, illustration, design and more recently zero-waste art projects.








If you are interested in purchasing a dolphin, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager, Deirdre Whiston today on (08) 9489 1142 or